Puppet forge modules for Windows

Puppet forge

When You use Puppet, modules is one of the Puppet components that you will get familiar with. You can choose to create your custom modules to serve specific purposes. This is natural use of Puppet, however in order to do that you will need to spend some time to learn how to develop them. The other option to pick is to take advantage of Puppet forge modules. Puppet team, partners or community actively participate in modules development. They are supported, and enhanced frequently. Below You can find modules I’ve been using in Windows environment. I would suggest to try them out as soon as possible.

Puppet forge modules

  • Standard library of resources for Puppet modules – provides a standard library of resources for Puppet modules
  • Registry – provides a native type and provider to manage keys and values in the Windows Registry. One of the key modules to use in Windows environment since many important settings are driven by the Registry
  • Powershell – adds a new exec provider capable of executing PowerShell commands. It extends Puppet possibilities for Windows. As you probably know, with PowerShell you can do almost everything in Windows. Just imagine how powerful would be to combine of Puppet and PowerShell
  • Windowsfeature – allows you to install/remove windows features. Managing windows roles & features couldn’t be easier.
  • Reboot – adds a type, and both Windows and generic POSIX providers, for managing target reboots.

Begin your journey with forge community. Include forge modules in your custom modules. As a result, you will speed up the development and configuration management. Support and frequent updates will give you benefit of proper management of your frequently changing environment.

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